The Time Factory TEAM

Time Factory is a Rapid Prototyping studio and Design Sprint Agency created by two graduates from the Master of Digital Media in Vancouver, BC.


Before we met in rainy Vancouver, we both were part of multidisciplinary teams in our home countries. Those teams struggled to come up with effective solutions fast, dynamics weren’t the best and yet, we made it work, again and again, without really trying to change. We experienced the frustration of long and unproductive meetings, of time and money spend without good results. Can you relate? Too real, right?

Then came the event that changed everything: our first introduction to design sprint, agile and rapid prototyping. During our master, we were introduced to those tools and got to try them first- hand with industry clients and on real-life projects, and the results were mindblowing!

Projects progressed faster, were better defined and tested more frequently, and first and foremost, they were built iteratively: no need to build everything at the same time, not everything has the same priority for the user! The clients loved the products we made and we loved making them!

We fell in love with these processes and methodologies, especially because they can be applied to so many different areas. After graduating, we had to start our entrepreneurial journey and help companies run better projects and build better products faster. Time Factory was born.

and NOW?

We are falling more and more in love with the process every time and our clients agree. The results are just too real to be ignored.

We started running Design Sprints with companies and building prototypes for Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Websites and we are eager to tackle the next challenge! Let’s take Vancouver to the next level!

Get in touch if you are also frustrated and want to join this revolution! Start working in a smarter way: stop wasting time and money!