Time Factory is a workshop studio, expert in
Innovation, business strategy and digital media.


Everything we do saves our clients
time and money!

When a design sprint is not the right fit,
we craft customized workshops for your needs!

We are loved by
Juliette Weiss, Design Lead

I just had a breakthrough… and I’ve been working on this problem for a year. Just that is already worth it!

Juliette Weiss, Design Lead
Deborah Upton, CEO & Partner

I would highly recommend Time Factory to any organization that needs to modernize its’ systems. It is, in our view, a “must do” if one is to stay relevant and growing.

Design Sprints would make the difference between continuing to thrive in their industry versus a slow death.

Deborah Upton, CEO & Partner
Drew Thompson, CEO

The plethora of examples and exercises in Time Factory’s tool kit clarified our vague idea, and set clear priorities. It felt so powerful to know which ideas, which aspects of the business, were most important to me, and amazing how fast Time Factory’s team was able to get us there.

Drew Thompson, CEO

What makes us a no brainer?

the outcomes of our workshops.

Increase ROI

Accelerate innovation

Build momentum

Engineer team alignment

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Shorten 6 months of work in just a few days

Foster dedicated focus

Radically reduce risks

Get clear direction

Validate assumptions

Interested in working together?

Email Marina, our lead workshop facilitator, to discuss more!

or if you really want to talk to her, email her directly at marina@timefactorystudio.com
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